Hamilton Junk Removers houses a team of dedicated professionals that have gained the experience to become experts in the unique art of junk removal. Our local specialists deal directly with clients, carefully discovering innovative ways to save money and time while ensuring real estate is cleaned and junk is removed as required. With same day or next day appointments, we are sensitive to our customers’ concerns and prioritize your needs while fulfilling our mission. Throughout our years of operation, we have also expanded our expertise in several other services significant to the industry. Offering interior demolition, mini excavation and bob cat services, we have packaged a complete set of clean up and removal solutions, that cater to all residential and commercial clients.

By employing Hamilton Junk Removers, you inherit our methodical approach to junk disposal and our experience in providing cost-effective, clean sweeps of designated areas. Our clean ups are extremely thorough and our local infrastructure connects you to one of the most sophisticated systems of junk removal services in Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas.